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Belt Conveyor Systems have been recognized as one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to transport bulk materials from one point to another. However a poorly designed and maintained conveyor system can quickly erode those savings, with excessive spillage which consequentially leads to a number of perils within the conveyor system resulting in lower efficiency as well as monetary losses.

At Runwell, our history of relevant experience and technical competence provides a systematic approach to improve the efficiency of your operations by reducing both direct & indirect operational costs and further solving complex material spillage issues. Our trained team can recognize the visible as well as non-visible factors that cause the material spillage and then provide the solutions & superior engineering products through our Service Manitenace Program.

Application Areas

Loading Zone of Conveyor – For leakage from the chute walls, improper dust suppression system and improper Sealing at Skirt Area.

  • Runwell Skirt Sealing System
  • Runwell Impact Pads
  • Runwell Ceramic Pulley Lagging
  • Runwell Support Pad

During Conveying – For spillage due to sway of belt and overloading of conveyor.

  • Runwell Rollers

At the Discharge Location – For chocking and overflowing of chute and Ineffective removal of carryback from return belt.

  • Runwell Belt Scrapers


Engineering Solutions :

  • Consultancy Services through Conveyor Audit
  • Installation Support
  • After Sales Support
  • Training

Conveyor Audit for Spillage control :Achieving a “Zero Spillage” Conveyor system is not an easy task. The challenges are never-ending.

  • The conveyed material characteristics are constantly changing and there are chances the changes are appreciable when compared with the designed parameters.
  • The procurement of the lowest priced conveyor system is sometimes detrimental to achieve “Zero Spillage”. Sacrifices to critical design elements to the conveyor-structure and conveyor-components are made by the OEM in order to achieve short term “Price Advantage” while selling the conveyor system.
  • The impact forces present at all conveyor transfer points create ideal generating conditions for material spillage, carryback and dust creation. Additionally like most other connected system, solving issues in one part of the conveyor can sometimes raise problems in subsequent areas with even worst outcomes!!

An in-depth study and observation of the conveyor and its operation is done from the point of view of specifically finding out the reason for spillage & other anomalies in the system in general. Based on the observation and analysis of the findings, recommendations are made for necessary improvement. Optional services are rendered to the client in case they desire to implement the improvements suggested. Based on the past case studies of such jobs undertaken it has been found that this service not only helps in improving the spillage control but also helps in reducing the operation and maintenance cost to a considerable extent.

Support for Installation :Achieving the highest performance from the conveyor accessories begin with research and development team at Runwell, Kolkata and it continues with quality Runwell manufacturing. But the challenge doesn’t end there. While users of Conveyor systems handling bulk solids agree that product quality is the number-one factor in making decisions about their conveyor accessories, real-world applications show that the performance of those products can be seriously degraded by poor installation. In other words, for maximum performance and reliability, you must give equal consideration to the solution and to the team you select for doing the actual installation.

Runwell offers customers access to technical professionals and experts in installation of conveyor accessories. Extensive technical training and support is available, to make necessary modification in the conveyor system that may be required during installation & commission of the supplied products.

After Sales Support :This encompasses regular check-up and necessary adjustments of the products installed. This includes providing regular feedback on wear pattern and forecasting the spares required for replacement including replacing the spares as and when needed.

Training : We at Runwell are totally “CUSTOMER FOCUSSED”. Customer focus is NOT simply a matter of providing outstanding product & service in response to a customer’s stated needs. We keep our customers updated on the new developments of the conveyor system & accessories and train them on the products so that they can get the best out of their equipment, system & processes.







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